Cube in AS3

Hi folks,
I’ve been messing around with ActionScript 3.0 again.
For a sudden inspiration flashed in my mind formulated a plan to create a rotating cube in 3D.
But the display list re-ordering got me vomiting all around!!! This was so terrifying, and I don’t even understood why the Box3D from the works. And I downloaded another re-ordering from the Indian Website, and this one was a catastrophe. I think I’ll probably spend a lot of time understanding AS3.



Tonight I was reading a post about infographics. If you wanna read it too, just click the following link.
Infographics, as its name shows, is a way to explain information and data by graphics. It comes handy when you need to explain difficult calculations, graphs, table charts, and other numerical stuff. It is often seen to us as public advertisement. For instance, an advertisement about global warning, might contain pics about how CO2 hovers above the atmosphere, how much CO2 is able to be reduced by what kind of actions we perform. It might also contain graphs about the increment of CO2 from 1950 to 2010. But as the author of the post says, it is quite difficult to design because you need to gather information and make it look good, but also easily able to understand to people.

As a new project, I got the idea of creating interactive data infographics with Flash.

The WindowX Class

I am not bragging myself, but I just understood, that if I am so good at Flash, maybe I can write some classes to make Flash easier to understand.
So I decided to work on this new Flash window.
The name Window was already used by the system, the component, so I called it WindowX. Cool, ain’t it? Well, you can say that I’m out, completely out.
By now the only thing I can do about this WindowX is to draw an ugly window, or a rectangle, and drag it, and adding an ugly Times New Roman title to it.
I hope I can do more about it.

New Browser Experience.

I just got this Google Chrome installed ACCIDENTALLY the other day. Around three days ago.
I was just wandering around in a website and when I accessed a Flash Drawer page, it requested me to install Adobe Shockwave Player. But I though I got one. But that was FLASH Player.
So I clicked Install and it immediately started installing. And by the way, it told me if I would like to install Google Chrome simultaneously. I was about to click No thanks but I accidentally clicked Yes please. My mouse is going weird these days.
And I am using this Chrome, and the new browser experience turns out to be actually wonderful. You can speak in voice to input a word when you access Google, which is GREAT for me, because I’m sort of Google freak.
Generally, I love my new browser.
Thanks, Google Chrome!